The Art of Training and Developing the Voice

There seems to be at present, and indeed for several years now, a great many misunderstandings, about how to train the human voice. One of these is attempting to train it by way of the effect, rather than the cause. Quite clearly stated, we sing with our vocal chords, and the result is resonance in the pharynx, and of course the bones of the head. When I began to study at the age of twenty-three in New York City, this was made obvious by most teachers, even though there were different approaches, and each one had a specific vocabulary. At that time, it was clear to everyone that the Italian School of Singing was the only one; after all, the Italian School was the beginning of it all.

My Name is: Woman

My Name Is Woman tells the story of a refugee, student, waitress, artist, psychiatric patient, and friend. This dynamic musical journey traverses the historic landscape of anti-Milosevic protests in Belgrade, NATO bombings, immigration offices and smoked up cafes, student dorms, hospital beds, and finally the international opera stage.

This is the story of my life. Intimate, simple, perfectly communicated through spoken text and music.

My Name Is Woman: The Beginning

My Name Is Woman began as My Simple Serbian Soul, part of my Master’s degree final exam program.

Having produced an entire opera for my final Bachelor’s degree exam, and an initial Master’s degree program that included three additional singers and two pianists, no one could accuse me of not thinking big.

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